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Wes and Merri's Story

Engagement Story

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Engagement Story
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Our engagement story...

On February 16th, 2002 Wes proposed! It happened on a Saturday; I had gone to work and gotten off at 12 pm. Wes said he would call me at 5:00 that evening to go out. That was good because Leandra was out, and Blaine and Leslie were moving to Florida and Wade and Rebecca had come out so we all ate lunch together. Our lunch got done around 4 and then Wes called and said he would not be at my apartment until 6:30. So Leandra and I went to Provo Town Mall and bought Dads birthday present for Rebecca. Then we came back to the apartment.

Wes calls again and says he will be there after 7 and we were going to see his friend Kake, because Kake was going on a mission and it would be the last time we could see him before his farewell, and he happened to live at Deer Creek Reservoir. So I took a nap and Leandra was playing with Deedras DVD player. Finally Wes shows up and I asked Lani if she wanted to come, but she knew Wes was going to propose so she kept telling me no, and Wes kept saying oh we will only be a minute. So I just went along with it. I was wearing the leather jacket he had given me for Christmas and asked if I wanted to get a warmer coat, but I told him I was fine.

Then we started up 800 north towards Provo canyon and he almost missed a turn and he came to a complete stop at a green light. I was like what is the deal? So when we get to Provo canyon he starts to tell me how he and his roommates found this great contract for a house and it was going to be really cheap. So I got mad and asked him when his contract and Branbury ended. He told me April so I calculated the 6 month contract he and his roommates had signed and figured it would not be over until October or November. And I wasn not going to wait that long to get married. So I was really mad then. I turned my head out the window and he kept making small talk and I was just frustrated.

Finally we go to deer creek and he kept going in and out of all of these parking lots. And he said he could not find Kakes house. Finally we found a parking lot and he got out and looked over the edge and then asked me to come look to see if it was a house or a restroom or what. I was still annoyed at this point, but I got out anyway. I had to stomp through a bunch of snow, but when I looked down it was so cute! Wes had taken Christmas lights and had written Will You Merri Me? We jumped in his truck and drove down to the ice. There were 30 or 40 bouquets of flowers everywhere! I am talking allover! When he put his flashlight on the ice all of the paper glittered. We walked up to the ring and it was in the box on a huge pile of rose petals. Then he got down on one knee and asked me. I said yes and we stared to pick up the flowers. Then he asked me if I wanted the ring. So I made him get back down and ask me again and this time put the ring on. The ring fit perfectly. Come to find out he was lying about his contract with his roommates to make sure I would be surprised! And believe me I was!