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Wes and Merri's Story

The Bahamas

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Our Honeymoon

Day one in the Bahamas was great! We checked in and then headed to the beach. After that we went to the pool, and then we had dinner. Let me explain the meals too! Breakfast, lunch and dinner was a huge all you can eat buffet! Golden Corral does not even compare to this. Ever meal we had different types of foods. After dinner we went to a play. It was a musical/dance type of thing and wow they had some trashy outfits and dirty dancing. Lets just say the two Mormons on the whole island were a little bit shocked.

Day two of the Bahamas was even more fun! We went to the gym and pumped some iron. Wes was impressed by my budging biceps. Then we played a little tennis. I was sweating pretty badly by then, so we went to the pool. Wes left for a second to go get some towels and some dance instructor asked if I wanted to dance. So he taught a group of us the meringue. It was really fun and when Wes got back with the towels he was surprised to see me dancing with another man. Then we went to the pool and swam for a wile.

Day twos night entertainment was beyond my wildest dreams! It was called evening games and they said couples could volunteer, so we did, but we did not get picked. It is probably a good ting we were not picked though. They had four couples competing against each other. The first game was a beer drinking contest out of a baby bottle. The next was a musical guessing game. Then we had some wild and crazy balloon popping, strip teasing fun! They had to pop a bunch of balloons in different positions. For example front to front, back to back, sitting down, and laying down. And I failed to mention one couple had a very large woman! It was hilarious to see her flying in the air to jump on top of him while he was lying down. Their final game was a little risky. They closed the curtain and said they had one minute to switch into each others clothes. Shoes, underwear, everything! I am innocently thinking oh how crazy! Next thing I know this trashy music is playing, the lights go off except for the spot light on the curtain. We could see everything. All of their shadows and it was quite gross at times. Once again the large lady was not the prettiest site. And once again the two Mormons on the whole island were more than a little bit shocked.

Day three was also a blast. Wes and I wanted to do a little sight seeing and shopping so we got some 1960s Brady Bunch look a like bikes and we were on our way. It is funny though, you cannot do much shopping when you have no money, and that is what happened to us. We rode 30 minutes to Lucyan Beach and realized we had forgotten our money. So we got on our bikes and went back. We went to the pool again and we made it in time for the dance lessons. Wes and I learned a few more meringue steps. Later when it was not so hot we went to Lucyan Beach again, and we bought a few souvenirs and came back. That nights entertainment was Aladdin. This was a little bit cleaner than the previous nights entertainment.

Day four we did not do a whole lot. We woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise, but it was too cloudy to see much. We also did a little shopping. Then we caught a taxi back to the airport. And then it was back to reality.