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Our Sweet Baby Girl

Kamrie McKell was born July 12th, 2004 at 1:21pm. She was 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. She was born at Orem Community Hospital.

July 11th was Wess Grandma Bames viewing. Wes and I went to that and I felt fine all evening. We came home and went for a walk. Someone in my ward had told me to induce labor you should walk with one foot on the curb and one foot off the curb for a block or so. So just to be funny I tried it. I was only 37 weeks along so I did not think much would happen. Boy was I wrong.

The next day was Grandma Bames funeral, and Wes was supposed to speak. I had taken the day off from work and Wes was just going to meet me at the funeral home. I remember thinking how nice it would be if I never had to go to work again and I got what I asked for.

At 3 am on the 12th I woke up to some painful contractions. Usually when they are painful I just go to the bathroom and they ease up. Well I went to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep, but no luck. After a few contractions I decided to keep track of them. Like how far apart and how long they lasted and their intensity. This went on all morning. Wes got up at 6:30 to get ready for work and found me curled up on the couch in a quilt made for Kamrie. I told him how much I was hurting, but I encouraged him to go to work because I thought I was having false labor pains.

I called Annette at 7am and woke her up. She said to get to the hospital when the contractions got to be about 5 minutes apart or if I had more than 7 in one hour. I do not think she was too happy with me for waking her up.

Then I called my mom to complain about the pain. And she tells me I do not know what pain is until my water breaks. Then Annette calls back and tells me to make sure the baby is still moving because the cord could get wrapped around her neck. So by then I was in pain, I was stressed, and worried. And I have already sent Wes to work. I then call him and tell him to come take me to the hospital.

While I waited for him I got my bag ready. I did not know what to take, so I have to pull out one of my pregnancy books and it helped out. Wes finally got home and I was outside on the steps waiting. We get to the hospital and I have no idea where to go! It is 9 am and I go to the clinic where my doctor appointments are normally at and they tell me to go back to the hospital to the labor and delivery section.

Finally I get in and they tell me I am dilated to a 5 and my contractions were about 4 minutes apart. I called Deedra to have her all mo to let her know I was having the baby that day.

They then put an IV in me and take me to my room. Then the epidural came and oh what pure relief. After that I did not feel a thing. We then decided to start calling some people to let them know Wes would not be speaking at his Grandmas funeral. Everyone at the funeral was pretty surprised. Because they had seen me the night before at the viewing and I was not due for another 3 weeks.

Wes went home for a while to change out of his suit. And he was gone for a long time, I am not sure what he was doing, but luckily he made it back in time for the delivery.

Dr. Young got there and not too much longer Kamrie was here! She was so quiet when she was born. It was such a miracle.